Winning The Battle With Allergies

Winning The Battle With Allergies

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Are you sick and tired of only getting partial relief with allergy medications? Would you like to enjoy more comfort and ease of breathing?

Many people have found better ways to get allergy relief from symptoms such as tears, itching, constant sneezing, blowing the nose every 5 minutes or simply being stuffed up all the time.

Avoiding exposure to allergy triggers always works but is not always practical.

The solution is desensitization*.

*Desensitizing is the process of identifying things you are allergic to and reintroducing a tiny amount of those substances back into your body with a shot or an under the tongue drop at the right dose and at the right time so as to improve your tolerance of the substance: (For example, cat dander, dust mite, tree pollen, or mold.)

→ Have you thought about getting desensitized to common allergy triggers?
For most people it can make a big difference–it is often quite worth the time and effort.

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Or check out the Allergy Treatment page of our website for a greater discussion of desensitizing techniques.