"Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired?"

Many people feel so tired all of the time. If your batteries are all burned-out and you have no get up and go it can be difficult to live life and feel good. Something is usually wrong.

Since there frequently are reasons for fatigue which can be identified and treated you can be hopeful a solution can be found for you.

Common correctable conditions we look for include anemia, low iron, low thyroid hormone, weak adrenal function, low testosterone, low vitamin B12 and other nutritional deficiencies including vitamin D, sleep problems, lack of exercise, mitochondrial dysfunction, coagulation defects, neurotoxin exposure, food intolerances, chronic infections, metal toxicity, chronic mold and chemical exposures, allergies, intestinal dysbiosis, impaired detoxification, depression, excessive life stress and lack of recreation or purpose.

What's making you tired?