Mold induced illness is more common these days.

History: For many years it has been known that certain types of mold exposures can make people sick. The 14th chapter of the book of Leviticus in the Bible records how communities successfully handled indoor mold problems over 3000 years ago.

Water combined with a food source provides the opportunity for mold growth. Wallboard, food, dirt and other organic debris with moisture can promote mold growth in both new and old buildings. In contrast, clean, dry, well ventilated buildings rarely have mold problems. Unfortunately, water leaks occur and may not be quickly repaired and exhaust fans in the bathroom, kitchen or laundry may not work or may not be used regularly.

Treatments: Avoiding further exposure is always the first priority. Additionally allergy desensitization, control for infections, clearance of mold toxins and other supportive care can be helpful.