Being out of breath is really serious.

Medications are critical in the management of acute asthma. We teach our patients how to combine quick-acting and long-term pharmaceutical agents so as to get good airflow.

Besides medications, a lot can be done to keep asthma from controlling your life. The most important thing we help our patients to do his assess their environments to be sure they are clean. Exposure to tobacco smoke, chemicals, dusts, pet danders, pollens and molds must be kept to a minimum. The second step is to remove or greatly minimize exposure to foods to which you are allergic or intolerant. Third, nutrition must be good including maintaining adequate magnesium levels. Fourth, chronic infections must be eliminated and the immune system kept strong.

Fifth, although not every patient with asthma has allergies, in allergic persons desensitization makes a person more tolerant to exposures that are difficult to avoid. It can make a difference for many patients who have sensitivities to things in the air such as pollens, molds, pet danders and dust mites. Sometimes patients with food allergies and sensitivities can be desensitized also.

We provide you with choices of several types of desensitization:

You may ask why asthma and allergies seem to be so much more common now than in the past. Many experts think this is related to reduced nutritional quality in our diets and increased environmental pollution exposure that children and adults experience in modern chemically based societies.