Are your sinuses killing you?

Millions of people suffer sinus pressure and pain with blockage, drainage, and frequent infection. Common solutions such as recurrent antibiotics can surprisingly at times make things worse.

Chronic sinus congestion and infection are most often associated with allergies to dust mites and molds as well as food allergies and intolerances. Dust mite sensitivity and regular dairy usage are probably the two most important factors found in recurrent sinusitis.

Evaluations include testing the blood and the skin for allergies to the foods we eat and things in the air we breathe. CT scans of the sinuses can help look for mechanical obstruction that can be corrected surgically. Detective work to uncover environmental factors in the home, the school, the work place and in the car is critical: Heavy exposures to dust or mold and certain chemicals are the usual culprits.

Treatments include avoiding triggers as much as possible, eating good immune strengthening food, and desensitizing your body. Medications can help with symptom control and are frequently used early on.

We let you choose from several types of desensitization:

Under the tongue drops can be taken at home without having to drive to the doctor's office. We custom make these extracts to fit your particular problem of sensitivity to molds, pollens, pets and dust mites.