Vitamin D

Vitamin D

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We get asked, do you really need to take vitamin D in the summer?

Isn’t natural sunshine exposure all that it takes?
The answer comes by measuring your blood level. (You just can’t guess.)
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What causes low vitamin D?
1. The skin may not produce enough vitamin D even with plenty of sun exposure. Consider that people often put on sunscreen or stay in the shade or wear protective clothing. Each of these measures contribute to less vitamin D production by your skin. (So you might need to take a supplement of this vitamin even in the summer.)

2. Dietary intake of vitamin D may be insufficient. Some people simply don’t eat enough of the foods that have this vitamin such as milk, egg yolk, liver and fatty fish.

3. You may not absorb the vitamin well. Many of the gluten intolerant patients, for example, do not absorb fats well. Since vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin, without good absorption of fats through the intestinal wall, this vitamin cannot easily get into the body. Again, you really don’t know how much vitamin D you have in your body without measuring.

It seems strange that these days a doctor may recommend from 3-5-10 times more vitamin D than was recommended 40 years ago (400-600 IU). This is partly due to the increased knowledge about the function of this vitamin in the body. For example, vitamin D is thought to improve calcium absorption, help in the production of strong bones, reduce the likelihood of certain autoimmune diseases, provide some degree of protection against certain forms of cancer, improve immunity and possibly decrease the likelihood of getting colds or flus, reduce down moods, and at times improve energy.

As with anything, too much of a good thing may not be so good. There is much to be learned yet about vitamin D. Many people get by with modest amounts in their system and have no need to push levels higher. Others need supplementation just to maintain desirable levels. Some with certain diseases may benefit from considerably higher levels at least for a time. Consult with your clinician to better understand your specific needs.

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