Our world is so much more polluted now compared to 200 years ago. How can we help our bodies get rid of all the toxic waste we accumulate every day?

First, stop taking in more toxins. Breathe fresh air and drink pure water. Eat organic foods. Stay away from plastics, pesticides, heavy metals, solvents and other chemicals.

Second, take additional steps to help your body clear waste:

  • Adding detoxifying nutrients such as buffered vitamin C, lipoic acid and glutathione helps the body mobilize toxins.
  • Exercise to the point of perspiration helps clear accumulated waste.
  • Sauna therapy mobilizes and sweats out toxins.
  • Maintaining normal bowel function assures evacuation of bowel waste.
  • Detoxification of heavy metal poisons such as lead, mercury and cadmium can be accelerated with chelation.
  • Periodic modified fasting is simple and helpful.
  • Intravenous nutritional therapies more intensively help the liver do its job of detoxification.
  • Oxygen therapies help clear waste at the cellular level.

God made our bodies to clear out waste every hour of every day. However, through modern technology and industrialization we have created a world filled with toxins far beyond our basic clean-out capacity. We must make special efforts to prevent pollutants from accumulating and get rid of them when they build up. That can help us stay healthier.

We encourage patients to make detoxification a regular part of their health care plan.