We can help you find out what you are allergic to.

Sometimes it is so obvious: like when you hug a cat and “sneeze forever”; or you eat a peanut and have an asthma attack and go into shock; or you vacuum the house and your eyes water, itch and swell shut.

Sometimes allergies masquerade like "a cold". When you're not sure you might try using a plain antihistamine (without a decongestant) to see if it clears up your symptoms – most of the time that means it is allergy.

Basic skin testing may quickly and easily tell you what you are allergic to.

Life is not always simple. At times, making a diagnosis can be much more difficult. Complex combinations of immediate and delayed allergies along with atypical sensitivities make “allergy” evaluations challenging: specialized skin testing techniques may be required to draw out less obvious hypersensitivity. Blood tests can be helpful on occasion. At times it is necessary to go back and dig through the patient's history more carefully to see if something was missed.

Sometimes skin tests and blood tests can be misleading. For example: