No single doctor (myself included) and not even an extensive team of doctors understands everything about human health and disease or ever will.

The human body is extremely complex. Even though our knowledge base in the health sciences has exploded over the past 100 years we still have a long way to go.

As I transitioned from the life of a medication based doctor to that of an integrative physician I continued to ask, "What is good, what is right, and what is true?" I still ask those three questions as with perseverance, prayer and hope in my Creator I work with patients and their families to find cures when available and partial help whenever possible to the end of reducing pain and suffering and improving function for individuals and communities. Sometimes the best any of us can do is to help the patient accept the fact that nothing beyond comfort measures can be done this side of heaven. Our approach uses ordinary means conscientiously applied and yet we pray for wisdom to help each patient get back on the path to healing and purposeful, fruitful living.

We gladly refer patients to other clinicians when we are not able to provide the help they need in our office. We do not pretend that the expanded approach to healthcare we have developed is complete or exhaustive.

Although our practice style emphasizes non-medication approaches to health care, we fully recognize that modern mainstream medications and surgery are critical to the health of people and their communities. And quite frankly, the majority of patients may not have the motivation, the resources or the persistence to seriously work at health and wellness without drugs. Many people out of ignorance, Indifference, or lack of vision may never get beyond asking the doctor for a pill to cure their ills. We are part of a movement to help that change.

The content of his website is meant to be educational: To both inform and stimulate critical thinking about your personal healthcare. It is not intended to be authoritative medical advice for direct personal application. The breadth and depth of the discussion is not meant to be exhaustive: the complexities of human health and illness are far beyond the scope of this limited website.
Seek help from a qualified physician.

It helps to have realistic expectations. Getting well and staying healthy can take a lot of work and can cost a lot in time, money and effort (even though at times a solution may be very simple and inexpensive.) Healthcare is not so much a right as it is an opportunity to accept your lot in life and to take charge of your health to the greatest degree you can. Are you ready to dig in and start creating the healthy you in mind, body and spirit? We would count it a privilege to partner with you on your quest to regain health with sound science, common sense, innovative solutions, creativity, perseverance, and lots of love.