Larger Diagnostic Tool Kit

Our approach involves using a more comprehensive diagnostic tool kit for understanding why specifically you became sick when you did.

Some things you just can't rush. I have learned it pays to spend a lot of time with each patient early on working to figure out how the patient came to be unwell. As an integrative physician for the past 21 years, by taking the medical histories of thousands of patients I have learned to listen a lot and listen in special ways for important sometimes overlooked clues. Usually our first visit takes 60-90 minutes and occasionally over two hours as I draw out the patient's story through many questions, listening very closely to the responses. I place a special emphasis on gaining an understanding of inside and outside environments for work and home, nutrient deficiencies and recurrent patterns of illness. Often times with patients who have been sick for a long time we simply cannot see the whole picture all at once but must develop a strategy for exploration and discovery as the path unfolds before us. Gradually we come to an understanding of your diagnoses and other causes of your conditions which finally help you develop a personal management plan to get you back on the path to health.