Where do we encourage you to go from here?

  • When a quick 10 minute follow-up doctor visit does not allow time to address your real healthcare needs
  • When more prescriptions for more drugs increase side effects without really resolving the underlying problem.
  • When you finally realize that even well-intentioned health insurance plans do not cover a lot of what it takes for you to get healthy and stay well
  • When you see that healthcare systems may inadvertently promote dependency while down-playing your taking initiative for self-care.
  • When it dawns on you that government involvement in health care often leads to high administrative costs, reduced freedom, fewer choices, the real potential for political distortion of science and limited-panel one-size-fits-all services (which may not fit you personally.)
  • When the hype and misdirection from advertising and the latest talk show or website posting leave you confused as to what to do about trying to get your health back.
  • When it finally becomes crystal clear that a number of medications may contribute to sickness (even as they try to be of help) by depleting nutrients or by impairing drug detoxification pathways.
  • When you find yourself asking if we have forgotten how to measure the effectiveness of healthcare services and overall value?

You may need to get past the "drugs only mentality" and try a different approach which is better described with words such as integrative, holistic, complementary, functional, preventive, more natural, environmental, more open to alternatives and broader-based solutions which includes: (see Expanded Therapeutic Strategies).