Drinking Your Allergy Shots

Drinking Your Allergy Shots

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Are you tired of an itchy, sneezy, drippy nose?

Is it hard to see when your eyes itch and tear up?

Get your allergies under better control with painless “allergy shots”.


Did you know that you can be desensitized to pollens, pets and dust mite without pain or traveling to the doctor’s office for weekly allergy shots?


Why wait?  Don’t you want to start getting better control of your allergies right now?

Do you wish you would have started desensitization for allergies last year?

Well, take back control–contact our office and start your allergy evaluation and desensitization now.


Most people with allergies can benefit from allergy desensitization.

Unfortunately, most people have never thought about the idea.

They just plod along.

Allergy drops taken daily in the comfort of your own home can often significantly reduce the discomfort of nasal allergies like “hay fever”.

The evaluation begins with a history and physical examination.

Next, the patient spends time with the allergy nurse skin testing for what may trigger allergy for you.


Finally we prepare inexpensive customized extracts that help your body learn how to improve tolerance for exposure to pollens, dust, mold and pets.

Since it can take a few months to see the benefit, now is the time to get your testing done.