Worried About Parkinson’s?

Worried About Parkinson’s?

By Philip Ranheim | September 9, 2019

Stop the worry: start fighting back Now! Detect problems early: intervene now before things get further out of control. What kind of Parkinson’s disease patient are you? The person with suspicious early symptoms and signs who is not doing anything … Read More

vitamin d supplement

Vitamin D

By Philip Ranheim | July 16, 2019

We get asked, do you really need to take vitamin D in the summer? Isn’t natural sunshine exposure all that it takes? The answer comes by measuring your blood level. (You just can’t guess.) Call us if you would like … Read More

Allergy Relief - Dr Philip Ranheim

Winning The Battle With Allergies

By Philip Ranheim | June 7, 2019

Are you sick and tired of only getting partial relief with allergy medications? Would you like to enjoy more comfort and ease of breathing? Many people have found better ways to get allergy relief from symptoms such as tears, itching, … Read More

The Clean Bedroom - Philip Ranheim M.D.

The Clean Bedroom

By Philip Ranheim | February 27, 2019

For individuals who suffer allergies or sensitivities, there is no place in the world more important to maintain very clean than one’s own bedroom. After all, we spend about one-third of our lives in our bedroom. This room can be … Read More

Stress and Change - Philip Ranheim M.D.

Stress and Change

By Philip Ranheim | June 26, 2018

Change of any kind whether positive or negative is stressful. While stress is “just part of life”, too much can be “distress”. Dr. Thomas Holmes of the University of Washington and his colleague Dr. Rahe developed The Stress Inventory Scale … Read More

Gluten Intolerance: Fact or fad?

Gluten Intolerance: Fact or fad?

By Philip Ranheim | June 21, 2018

Not too long ago nobody was talking about gluten except for a few people with serious celiac disease. Now half the country seems to be obsessed with a little protein that “glues” bread dough together. What’s the big deal now? … Read More

Supplements: does anybody ever need them?

Supplements: does anybody ever need them?

By Philip Ranheim | May 4, 2018

Of course, but there is no single answer that applies to everybody. You don’t want to waste your money if you don’t need nutritional supplements: but on the other hand, if you need them, take them to help your body … Read More

Drinking Your Allergy Shots - Allergy Drops

Drinking Your Allergy Shots

By Philip Ranheim | March 9, 2018

Are you tired of an itchy, sneezy, drippy nose? Is it hard to see when your eyes itch and tear up? Get your allergies under better control with painless “allergy shots”.   Did you know that you can be desensitized … Read More

Anticipate Springtime Allergies Now | Dr. Ranheim

Anticipate Springtime Allergies Now

By Philip Ranheim | November 12, 2017

Do you want better control of your allergies next spring? Are you tired of an itchy, sneezy, drippy nose? 90% of the population fails to take advantage of a simple allergy reduction procedure. Contact our office and start your allergy … Read More

Staying Well Heading Into The Winter

Staying Well Heading Into The Winter

By Philip Ranheim | October 12, 2017

It is predictable–every year, most people get sick as we move into the fall and winter. It used to happen to me. Maybe it has something to do with making the transition from the hot, dry summer into the cold, … Read More