Finding solutions to your health problems can be confusing.

These days there are so many choices with traditional, mainstream, alternative, complementary, holistic, and integrative ideas. Even competition in the fields of politics and economics add to the confusion about what is right and what is available.

Through all of this, Dr. Ranheim has consistently followed some basic principles.

  • He likes to consider the entire person (body, mind, and spirit) because the body is not just an assortment of parts.
  • He repeatedly asked, "What will it take to both get this patient well and keep them well?"
  • He values integrity in relationships, personal honesty, and truth because it helps everyone remain focused on problem solving and builds healthy trust.
  • He is willing to try things which may be a little different if they will help his patients.
  • He encourages each patient to honestly embrace their given condition and take personal responsibility for getting well.
  • He likes to see people find their life's purpose and do all they can to get well so as to fulfill that mission.

Because Dr. Ranheim believes that the human body has more of an ability to get well on its own if given a chance; he is led to search out root causes of illness, use less medication and follow more natural approaches to treatments.