Philip Ranheim M.D.

Philip Ranheim M.D.
Allergy & Environmental Medicine
Lake Stevens Washington

Philip Ranheim M.D.

Helping you get back to health

An integrative, wholistic and wellness clinical practice in which we search for root causes to illness by looking beyond medications as the primary solution to your health problems.

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The Clean Bedroom

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For individuals who suffer allergies or sensitivities, there is no place in the world more important to maintain very clean than one’s own bedroom. After all, we spend about one-third of our lives in our bedroom. This room can be … Read More

Stress and Change

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Change of any kind whether positive or negative is stressful. While stress is “just part of life”, too much can be “distress”. Dr. Thomas Holmes of the University of Washington and his colleague Dr. Rahe developed The Stress Inventory Scale … Read More