These are the types of comments our patients make:

You really listened to me

I used to have a box of Kleenex in every room

They told me it was all in my head but you helped me find the underlying physical problems I could do something about

I can breathe again

I can’t believe my child is behaving better and learning better without Ritalin

I’m not off all of my medications but I use less and am taking charge of my health now

I finely feel like my hormones are in balance

Your entire staff was so caring

No doctor has ever taken the time that was needed

The itching has stopped and the rash is gone

My energy is up and I’m back to doing things I used to do

Now I have more than a diagnosis — I understand the underlying problems

The asthma has been so much better after you taught me how to clean up mold and chemicals at my home and in my workplace

My other doctor told me that Candida didn’t exist — tests showed the problem and now I’m controlling it

The headaches had been there every day for 30 years

They told me I didn’t have allergies but every time I was exposed to the same thing I got sick

I could hardly leave the house the way my bowels were out-of-control

I needed the right referral and you pointed me in the right direction

I like seeing an M.D. who understands and appreciates more natural medicine

Those joint and muscle pains are not nearly so bad

It is going to be a long slow road to recovery but at least I can see the path now

You helped me keep my job combining allergy treatments with helping me get accommodation for my special-needs at work

You gave me hope