Do you hurt all over?

Aching all over combined with fatigue, stiffness, and sleep difficulty are typical of fibromyalgia syndrome.  While once considered to be one of those conditions that was “all in your head”, many physical factors have been found to be related: Correcting these factors can help you feel better.

The origins of fibromyalgia are not clear.  Some people develop the muscle aches after a bad car accident while others may have had a difficult surgery, a debilitating case of mono, emotional trauma, or exposures to toxic molds or chemicals.

Whatever the cause, improvements often come when looking for and correcting nutritional deficiencies (such as magnesium), hormone deficiencies or imbalances, sleep disorders, lack of graded exercise, out of control life stress, food intolerances, chronic infections, mood disorders, ongoing mold and chemical exposures, certain kinds of allergies, poor diets, metal toxicity, impaired detoxification capacity and other factors.

Physical therapies of various sorts can be helpful for the fibromyalgia patient.  These include massage, neural therapy, trigger point therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic, Bowen and general physical therapy.

While fibromyalgia syndrome is not a mental condition, psychological factors may be present alongside the physical problems.  Professional counseling can help manage stress better and uncover toxic relationships and old unresolved emotional wounds that can make it more difficult to recover.

Some newer medications may also be useful.