Dr. Philip Ranheim

Since 1997 I have combined common sense and innovative treatments for allergies, asthma, environmentally related conditions and illnesses that don’t want to go away.  My background has always been broad since I spent the first 18 of my 32 year career in general family practice. For me the professional transition from general to more specialized care arose in the context …

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Allergies are not only uncomfortable but they cut into job and school performance. In some individuals they can be life-threatening. Aspire for both short-term and long-term solutions for your allergies.

In our office you can choose from several types of desensitization:

Regular allergy shots given every 1-3 weeks in the doctor’s office can effectively boost tolerance in the majority of patients for reactions to pets, dust and pollens.

Under the tongue drops can be taken at home without having to drive to the doctor’s office. We custom make these extracts to fit your particular sensitivity to molds, pollens, pets and dust mites.

LDA is a unique form of desensitization which involves taking a different kind of shot only every two months initially and even less frequently later on. The program is very safe because extracts are given at a “low-dose.” Patients with simple and more complex allergies are often helped. LDA is particularly useful when the patient has a combination of food allergies or sensitivities and inhalant allergies.

We can help you find out what you are allergic to and show you how to gain short-term and long-term control. For basic allergies and intolerance it can be as easy as taking these three actions:

  1. Avoid allergy triggers as much as possible (like cats, dust, pollens, molds, bacteria, and chemicals)
  2. Eat really healthy food while avoiding those specific foods you don’t tolerate
  3. Desensitize your body with natural extracts